Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register my organization or community

Contact leadership at your specific organization. If not already a member they can register the organization on this site.

Is there a cost to this?

We are currently offering this at no cost to individuals and non-profit organizations (such as churches, community groups, etc.), but we welcome donations to support the platform and/or as a thank you for the service. Please contact us at if your organization does not fall into one of those categories


How do I know if my organization or community is already registered?

Contact leadership at your specific organization. If not already a member they can register the organization on this site.

What will you do with my personal information?

Your personal information will be encrypted and stored on secure servers. Individuals will have the option of signing up for periodic news or emails from WHI/DTI when they register. These decisions can be adjusted at any time. Your information will not be sold, rented, or otherwise given away without your knowledge or consent.

If I submit a request, will my personal information be visible to everyone?

No. Only administrators and individual requestors will see your contact information when submitting a request. All other members of the site will see is the good or service being requested and the city and zip code of the requester. Only when another member of the group decides to support your request will they, and only they, be able to see the rest of your contact information in order to further fulfill your request. Once a donor decides to act on your request, your request will no longer be available to other individual users.

What if I need to cancel my request?

Requests can be withdrawn by individuals up until the point a donor decides to support it. After that point, the individual parties will need to coordinate canceling the request. The group administrator can change the request back to withdrawn after this point.

Can I request prescriptions on this tool?

Requestors and donors will need to coordinate this through the requestor’s local pharmacy to ensure compliance with local regulations. If requesting a donor pick up a prescription please do not list specific medical information on the site to prevent releasing sensitive medical information.

How do I receive requests?

All individuals can select their email notification frequency when they register on the site. Updates can be distributed either immediately with each new request, three times a day, or via a daily summary. Donors will also have the option to be notified immediately for all urgent requests.

Will I get paid for providing support?
Donors will not be paid for supporting a request. Donated goods or services may be reimbursed as coordinated between the parties.
Are the childcare providers already screened or is that up to me?
Individuals requesting childcare are solely responsible for screening donors prior to receiving services. Users are not screened by the Get-Support application. Please see the terms of use for additional information.
Will children be allowed to have accounts on this site?

All users are required to certify that they are a legal adult. Group administrators will deny requests from members known to be below legal age.